Get your old vehicle removed efficiently

Free Car Removal & we also remove Old Trucks, 4wd’s and Vans

We have a team of professional car removers who are fastĀ in removing heavy and lightweight vehicles from your property.

Our auto remover solutions are commendable.

Vehicle owners across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Toowoomba can enjoy premium-grade car removal service. Each of our employees is known for making use of the best practice to remove a vehicle. From scrap removals, to free used car removals even wrecked or cars not starting or have flat tyres.

We pay cash for cars, any make or model, if your having issues selling your car privately we can assist with taking the vehicle off your hands. Are you moving our of home or rental property and need to remove your car fast and efficiently. Our customers are 100% happy that their old car is gone to be recycled and re-used.

It’s easy, forget about your old car, van, ute or old Isuzu truck sitting around, clean up the yard and use our free service to collect. I bet you need the space, clear the clutter and your yard from old cars.

The best solution to saving you dollars from advertising fees, towing fees and the pain of having people come inspect your vehicle and offer you little or no money at all. Call our team and we will book your vehicle in to be collected, it’s that easy – Book Now!